Sunday, September 15, 2013

Crystal Cauldron

I was cleaning out my room today when I happened upon the cap to a bottle of antacid.  I used it once before as a pedestal for a statue during a CotMA session.

Today, I looked at it and I thought, "hey, I can make a crystal thingy out of that!"

I grabbed a flickering tealight (about 4 for $1) and I drilled a hole in the cap.  I hot glued the thing together.  Then I stippled some latex putty on it to give it a little texture.  Here's a pic.

I put a little tape on the LED and I spraypainted the whole thing black.  

Then I took some clear crystals (you can get them in the floral section at Michaels) and I hot glued them together into a little pile.  I used a metallic red paint and gave them a thin wash of color.  Then I hot glued them to the top of the "cauldron."  I did a drybrush of light green (eucalyptus) on the rough/paste stippling.  It looks a bit like vines or other mossy growth.
Looks slightly dangerous and mystical!
Here it is with the light turned on.  The color of the crystals changes somewhat.  They flicker and glow.
Ok wizard, look what you've done now...


Desert Scribe said...

Cool idea! Where did you get the tea lights?

Desert Scribe said...

That gives me an idea for a fire elemental mini that I have.

Nether Kraken said...

Very cool. Antacid you say? Must be brewing some kind of immunity from acid in there.

Jim said...

@Desert Scribe -- Thanks. I think I got them at Dollar Tree for $1.
@Nether Kraken -- LOL! Maybe so!