Friday, August 2, 2013

DIY Paint Stand

So, I wanted to make a more compact stand for all my paints.  I was at the USPS the other day mailing a package, when I came upon these boxes.  I grabbed five.

Start off by marking off these areas for cutting and removal.  If you look closely, you can see that the lines are aligned with cut tabs or marks already on the box.

 Then you fold the boxes like so.  As it turns out, I ended cutting off the top tabs (you'll see that later)

Now I have four of these folded.  One box is still not assembled.  It WILL NOT be cut; rather it will be assembled normally.  It is used for a base.

Use hot glue, applied along the flaps I am pointing at, to hold the boxes together.  There are also two flaps in the bottom of the boxes that you can flip up and glue for additional strength.

Now, glue three of the boxes together, making a kind of stair step.  Glue the top one ON TOP of the "whole" box.  Then attach the fourth and final box to the front of the stair step, making it even with the countertop.

You can use the excess cardboard to strengthen the sides.  I peeled the sticky paper off AND I used hot glue to hold these on.

More cardboard can be attached to the bottom to strengthen the stand front to back.

Here it is empty.  You can see that I cut some of the "flappy" material off each end.

Here it is filled with paint.  I plan to make another one.  Two should be enough to hold all my paints.