Monday, August 5, 2013

[40k] The Latest Battle

Had a big 4000 pts vs. 4000 pts game on Saturday.  My Banecorp Space Marines and their Imperial Guard allies took on the Blue Devils Space Marines and the Tau Xal'itarr Sept.

It was a close battle through turn 4, but then the tide turned toward the Banecorp and the IG.

Here are some pics.  Enjoy!

The Blue Devils and Xal'itarr Sept mass on the northern boundary. 

The Thunderfire cannon proved to be a formidable opponent.

Notice the Manufactorum spewing toxic gas into the atmosphere.

Two Rhinos, A Hellhound (or two?) and a Chimera. 

An IG Penal Legion and their Primaris Psyker are attacked by a SM Devastator Squad

A Venerable Dreadnaught "drops in" near Marneus Calgar

The Tau Commander Shas'el, his Bodyguard and Gun Drone back up the lumbering Tau Riptide (proxy)

A closeup of the dangerous Blue Devil's Thunderfire Cannon

The Banecorp Terminators and Tactical Squad have their eyes on the Tau Riptide

The Leman Russ Battle Tanks destroy the Hammerhead and have their sights on the Piranha

More Banecorp Termies teleport in from reserves.  The Tau Firewarriors nearby are obliterated by storm bolter, heavy flamer and assault cannon fire...

The Tac squad has re-boarded their Rhino to advance on the enemy

The Commissar and Chapter Master Marneus Calgar close in on the Venerable Dreadnaught

A Leman Russ reduces the Piranha to a smoldering wreck

The Banecorp close with the Blue Devils and the Tau Commander

The Banecorp Termies close in on the Tau Riptide.  It won't survive much longer.

The Baneblade is running out of targets

Now you see the Riptide...

...after an assault of chainfists, it is no more.  The Banecorp Terminators will fall to the assault of the Blue Devil Terminators and their Chaplain leader however

Marneus Calgar stands triumphant after the defeat of a Tau Battlesuit Team

The Banecorp stands ready to defeat the few remaining Blue Devils even as a Techmarine lumbers through the gate below the Imperial Bastion


Trey said...

Nice set-up.

Sean Robson said...

Great terrain, and I love the home-made Drop Pod!

Jim said...

@Trey -- Thanks!
@Sean -- Thanks! I found the pattern for it somewhere on the interwebs. Made from foam core, a couple bottle caps and an electrical connector (for the Deathwind Missile launcher)

Commsnake said...

Nice to see the old space hulk termites getting an outing