Monday, April 18, 2011

Dungeon Mapping Online

A friend of mine, Dave, has a dwarf fighter named Oryx.  Oryx is a monster magnet and is the most experienced character in my CotMA campaign from the point of view that HE was around at the start.

Anyway, he got a bad draw from a Deck of Many Things and his soul is currently entrapped "elsewhere." His body is kinda like a zombie right now, but he can't do much.

I've been running a PBEM for him as Oryx tries to navigate his soul out of the prison he is in.  His mind has built this prison from his memories/assumptions about reality.  It seems that the souls of friends are also there to help him.  Namely Jace the Devine (a cleric who perished in a firetrap) and Bob the Burro (who took an unfortunate tumble down a 30' pit).

To play online, I discovered QueekyPaint.  I've uploaded a map from Dave's Mapper there and then I put a layer of black over the top of it.  I erase the black as Oryx explores the dungeon.

Well, here's the cool bit.  QueekyPaint captures the actual strokes that you make as you draw.  That's right, it plays your drawing back like a movie!

I downloaded Jing and I recorded the exploration thus far.  I encourage you to check out these tools for yourself.  You might find them valuable.

Check out the video of the dungeon exploration here:


Unknown said...

That's a great tool! Thanks for the tip. :)

Anonymous said...

What a great way to use those tools! Your map looks nicely enhanced.
Thanks for sharing this... it will come in handy.