Sunday, April 3, 2011

Beware: The Man Who Damages A Book, Sometimes Repairs It

I LITERALLY woke up after a nap with these words in my head.  My DM muse must have been working in my sleep...

Here's what happens when you try to damage/destroy a magical tome:

d6 Reaction to attack How to destroy book
1 Every point of damage you do to the book is done to you instead. Cast Raise Dead upon the book.
2 Instead of taking damage, words describing the attack are magically written in the back section of the book entitled, "Depredations, etc." Cause the book to run out of magical ink.  This could take awhile because it has over 100 blank pages in this section.
3 The book is completely impervious to damage.  Nothing can tear a page or even scratch the cover. Getting the book wet will cause the ink to run and will effectively destroy the book.
4 The book gets angry.  It begins casting the spells within its pages.  You'd better make a saving throw... Befriend the book and convince it to cast erase upon it's "heart page".
5 The book summons allies from -- (1) elemental planes (2) abyss (3) nearby (4) other dimension -- to defend itself. Seclude yourself in such a way that the allies may not be summoned (or are summoned into peril) then destroy the book.
6 The book splits in two, making two copies of itself. One copy promptly teleports away. Destroy the book in such a way that its duplicate is also subject to the damage and the damage is constant and ongoing to prevent runaway divide and teleport behavior (Mt. Doom anyone?)

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