Monday, May 24, 2010

d20 as 2d6

I've been searching for mini, tiny, itty-bitty little d20's on the interwebs and they (apparently) do not exist.

I'm bummed because years ago I owned two -- but now they are long gone.

Anyway, I wanted them to put into a tiny little clear plastic box as a handy-dandy DM's randomizer.  I was planning to put them in the box with a few little 5mm d6's that I got from the Pirates CCG.

That way, I'd just pick up this $0.77 box from Hobby Lobby and shake it -- instant results without the need for a DM's screen.

I already had this box in the works when I read this post about an Arnesonian chart.  Perfect timing - this is just the table I need.

I like the % version, but I'd prefer it as results on a d20.  Presto!  Here you go if you are interested.

I've printed it small and I've tucked it into the bottom of the box.  Now I just calculate the needed "to hit" number after AC and bonuses/penalties, then shake the little box to roll 2d6.

I've also got 4d6 in the box for quick attribute generation.  Here's a movie I recorded from my gaming lair.


Bob Reed said...

Awesome! Have you used it in a game yet!?

Jim said...

Not yet. I'm curious to see how fast I can "do the math" in my head to be able to use the chart. :)