Monday, May 31, 2010

Natural Terrain Hazards

Just this weekend, I visited a state park called Tonto Natural Bridge.

While I was there, I couldn't help but think what it would be like to actually 'adventure' in a location like this one.  The terrain was extremely rugged and often slippery.  There were very few flat places one could engage an enemy.  There were many, many areas where foes could attack from a distance or with the advantage of cover.  There were also many smaller caves where small enemies could hide and strike taller foes with abandon.

In short, this area would probably be a death trap to all but the most powerful of heroes.

Made me realize that I'm often way too easy on heroes when they enter a dungeon or a cavern.  I rarely take into account the uncertain footing or how difficult it would be to clamber over large boulders in heavy armor.

At one point, my group had to double back because we couldn't find a suitable way up and over a large boulder.  The place was filled with dead ends, false starts, strenuous climbs, rushing water and deep basins.

I don't have any rules or guidelines (yet) on how I might handle the situation, but it's food for thought.

I hope you enjoy the pictures below.  If you are ever in AZ, be sure to stop by this place.  It's fantastic.

Check out the people in this pic for a sense of scale!


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Jayson said...

Agreed on the potential for natural tactical difficulties. This locale seems something that would be particularly fitting for Moldvay/Cook Expert, somehow...

I may have to work Tonto Natural Bridge in my Zesona Badlands wilderness setting that I'm putting together...