Friday, March 28, 2014


I don't have anything more to add to the memories.  I just have a sense of sadness.

I'll be lifting a pint to remember the man.  I knew him through his art alone.  Long before we lost him forever, I felt an abiding sense of loss that came from knowing he was out there, somewhere, but he was in a self imposed exile.

Now, I read, that he was planning to resurface into the RPG world at a con next month, and suddenly he is gone.

Here are some pictures to remember him by.  The group is not all inclusive.  Just do a Google search.  You'll be amazed.

So long and thanks for all the art!  You will be missed!


Skanderbag said...

What a loss. I loved everything he did. Thanks for sharing Jim. Lots of cool memories....

Jerry said...

Where’s the last one from? The adventurers leaving the dungeon? It’s just brilliant.

Jim said...

@Jerry -- Page 109 of the 1st Ed PHB. Right next to the pic of the Magic Mouth.

1d30 said...

Trampier's art is my favorite from all of the D&D books and Dragon Magazine. Wormy was amazing. Even something as simple as a rat on a shelf in a module became something evocative. I remember the moment I finally realized the wizard in the beginning of the PHB was sitting on a 6-side die while smoking. I guess all those years I assumed it was some kind of hobbit-house or something.

It's very sad that he's gone.