Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Midkemia Press Cities - Sampler Pages 2


Here's a great table --

I'd begin by rolling d% and I'd read across the "Number of Buildings" row.  
  • If I rolled below 3, I'd say there's 1 tent that sells a lot of different stuff and keep rolling. 
  • If I roll above 70, I'd roll in the 51-70 column and add 1d10 to the result.
You can modify/tweak the occupations in Table 1d by assigning some lower chances for more specialized types of occupations.
  • For example in the Tinker/Coppersmith row --  If you roll 10-20, include a Silversmith in addition to a Tinker and Coppersmith.  01-05, include a Goldsmith and the other types.
  • For example in the Horse Trader row -- If you roll 10-20, include exotic animals like llamas and camels in the stable.  If you roll 01-02, maybe he has a gryphon or pegasi.
  • For Sharpener -- if you roll 10-20, there's also a Blacksmith, 01-05 add a Weaponsmith to the mix; 06-10 include an Armorer.
  • etc.  You get the idea...

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