Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Birthday Dungeon (Room 1)

The adventurers began in a Y-shaped room at the bottom of a dark, damp spiral stair.  To the right was a cobweb choked corridor ending in a stout wooden door.  To the left, a more traveled passage ending in a black iron door.

At first, the players were exceptionally eager to strike out in one direction or the other.  Not wanting them to be surprised later (and to build a respectable amount of paranoia) I stopped them and asked if they were just going to "walk across the floor?"

This froze them and they discussed their options.  "We should check the floor."  "How?"  They looked at their equipment and determined that the Wizard had a 10' pole.  They also determined that the Elf and Dwarf could see in the dark and that they'd be good front-line explorers.

The party dilgently worked themselves across the floor toward the wooden door to the right.  In doing so, they scraped at the cobwebs to see what was behind and under them.  They didn't start with torches lit because they didn't want to ruin the Elf and Dwarf's dark-vision.

Under the webs on the floor, the group discovered an acid-ruined dagger.  It was blackened and blunted, covered with a crust of gray grime.  Their paranoia rose again and they began to wonder if they had found an acid trap.  Cautiously they explored further and found no additional acid and no cracks or openings where acid could pour forth.

Satisfied, they listened at the door and heard no sound.  They discovered the door to be unlocked and they pushed it open...

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