Sunday, February 24, 2013


I have been playing/running D&D since 1980 and I've never fought and/or used an Otyugh until 2012.

That's my burden to bear.  :(

Anyway, this is an Otyugh.
It's basically a sewer monster that eats excrement.  Nice.  Awful thing.

I purchased some unpainted plastic mini Otyughs.  From here.  I decided to paint them up.  Here's the result.

I used hot glue to create the drool.  I painted it green.  I figure this was an effective way to make the 3 otyughs different.  :)

Hope you like them!


ScrivenerB said...

Nice job!

I like the pathfinder take on these guys - that they're not only intelligent, but also reasonable to deal with. I like the idea of something so alien being maybe the most tractable thing the players run into.

Sean Robson said...

Love the drool! Very nice touch.

Greg Johnston said...

Thanks for the link. I ordered a Otyugh mini and a Gibbering Mouther. Much cheaper than buying a pre-painted one.

Jim said...

@Scrivener -- I'll need to read that write-up. Sounds cool.
@Sean -- Thanks!
@Greg -- Welcome. I ordered 5 Gib Mouthers myself; will be doing a post on those soon!

Greg Johnston said...

BTW, did you prime your Otyugh's first before painting? Also did you do paint the base black?

Jim said...

@Greg -- I didn't. I washed them to get the "oil" off, but I didn't prime them. If I did it over again, I would. I scratched the paint in one spot and it came off too easily. :( Yes. I did paint the base black. If I primed them, I would have painted them either black or grey. Maybe black. Would have made the base painting easier. :)

Greg Johnston said...

OK, good to know. Thx.