Friday, January 4, 2013

Random Wizard Powers 2

Being an inveterate tinkerer, I've devised a new version of the sheet.

Here's a shot with the changes -

Once again, it's based on this post by Zak.  :)

Section A, I've added some calculations and text that appends to spells in the B Section.  This stuff dynamically changes by level, according to my own personal tastes.  YMMV.

You can see in Section C that I've got some seed numbers that I use to drive Section A.

I wasn't happy with Zak's S (Sleep) and X (X-Ray) so I replaced these with some variable powers based on level.  You can see those at D.

Here's a 5th level version of this wizard, you can see how the powers change...

Anyway, download it if you'd like.  It's crude.  It's a beta, but if it works for you -- great!

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