Saturday, August 11, 2012

Savage Worlds Monster Cards

One thing I remember about Savage Worlds was using a deck of cards for Initiative in combat.  Nice idea and it works well in the game.

I found that as I dealt out cards to each player, I wanted to deal out cards to each group of monsters.  I initially had trouble keeping track of what monster group had what card.

Then I struck upon an idea -- make cards for each monster!

Using I made a set of monster cards.  Some monsters have more than one card because they are complicated :( but that's OK.

Here's what it might look like on my side of the table after I deal the cards --

Each player gets a card then I deal these out in order at the end.  Works well and serves as a visual reminder of who has gone and who still needs to act.  The card is removed when the monsters turn comes up.

If you want a copy of my monster cards you can download them below.  Enjoy!

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