Sunday, September 25, 2011

Slimes, Jellies and Puddings -- PAINTED!

Here they are.  I vlogged about making these here.

I painted them up as 4 large black puddings, 4 medium/small sized green slimes and five small ochre jellies.

Here are some pics:
You dumb, dead bastard... 

I painted them with their primary color and then layered on other colors using drybrushing techniques.  After they were dry, I put on a layer of matte finish to protect the paint.  I'm not a great painter, but these turned out pretty well.  

They don't really have any odor at all now.  The paint sealed the "plastic".


Paul said...

They look great! Do they still smell like sour milk?

Jim said...

@Paul -- they do still smell a little funky, but its not overwhelming or anything. Some of the prepainted minis have a strong petroleum smell. Its not any worse than that.

Anonymous said...

You might want different materials for different types of monster. For example, I imagine grey ooze as lumpy oatmeal, black pudding as rounded bulbous pseudopods, and green slime as a thin smooth slick.

For those purposes, kitty litter would work well for grey ooze or ochre jelly, hot glue for black pudding, and rubber cement for green slime.

Also I have always been fond of the typical gumdrop jelly monster found in jrpgs.