Sunday, September 19, 2010

Sandbox Philosophy provided by fate...

This morning, I was driving out to Queen Creek, AZ to have breakfast with my mom.  I live in Mesa, AZ and it's about 26 miles or so one way there.

About midway through my journey, since my wife wasn't along for the ride, I turned on the radio.  I began listening to "Weekend Edition - Sunday" on my local NPR station.  That's when fate decided to let me in on a couple of important ideas.

I heard the tail end of one story and the entirety of a second before I arrived at the restaurant.

During this brief period, I heard two quotes from the stories that made me think about sandbox play.

I've transcribed those quotes for you below.  I hope they resonate with you as much as they did with me.

"The thing that makes these films work for us when we do them...  we start off and its like walking into a dark woods.  You have no idea what you're really gonna find or whether there will even be a story.   You're really in the hands of the gods and the surprises for us were so much a part of what make the film.  That if you had to make one of these films and it all worked out perfectly you'd really be disappointed."

-- Don Pennebaker on his documentary film, "Kings of Pastry"

"When I'm composing, I don't really think about how other people will receive the work.  I hope my music has meaning for people and takes them to a place that otherwise they could not go."

-- Composer Robert Kyr speaking about his work

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