Saturday, August 7, 2010

UpWords to add dimensionality to the tabletop

I'm always thinking about new, cheap and easy ways to add spice to my games.  I almost always use minis either using a battlemat (usually one I made myself) or my 3D game board.

Over the past few months, I've been scouring the local thrift shops for Scrabble pieces.  I like using them as mooks and hordes of monsters (I attack orc "J" for and hit for 3 points of damage).

Along the way I purchased several sets of "UpWords".  It's like Scrabble, but the tiles stack and interlock.  They are also about 1" square.  Well, for $2 each, I bought three sets.

Two sets were the standard 8x8 game board and one set was the "new" 10x10 game board.  Turns out that these two sets HAVE DIFFERENT SIZE TILES!  So, if you start down this road, make sure you only buy one size set!
Don't buy this one -- the tiles are SMALLER than the others AND it's harder to find. 

Anyway, I used my Dremel to chop the boards up into two 2x8 and four 4x4 sections (for easy storage and use).

Here are some pictures of how I will use them in my game:
The boards come in different colors -- I cut my grey one into 4 pieces

I cut my brown one into 2 pieces

Originally, I set one whole alphabet aside because I thought I would glue stacks of tiles together.  I didn't do it, but you might want to.  I think stacks of 3, 5 and 7 work GREAT for use with minis.

Here's a small setup.  The wall in the back is 5 high.  The orc is climbing steps up.

Here's a wall that's 7 tiles tall.  The steps are on the left.  

You could use stacks of these things for pillars too. (I don't have a pic of that)

What is the safe path for the elf to take across the trapped dungeon floor?

Two full sets of UpWords tiles AND the two cut up boards (two 2x8 and four 4x4) fit in this one zipper bag.  Got it at Wal-mart for $1.88.

Hope this is helpful and useful in your game!

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Roger G-S said...

Very nice! I suppose you could also glue a strip of the tiles together, and then put various styrofoam walls or other things on them, making the tiles stretch longer.