Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Design Features Dice

Back in May, Talysman over at 9and30kingdoms wrote up a series of posts about alternate design features for walls, ceilings and floors.  Check them out if you haven't seen them.

In each of those posts (as you know, cuz you've seen them) he made six little square pictures to represent his ideas.

I must be honest, six little square pictures SCREAMS to be made into a d6 and I have these wooden cubes, 3/4" on an edge, so what was stopping me?

Well, procrastination, I guess.  I printed out copies of each little pic back in May, but they've been sitting in a folder since then.  I made each set a different color --

  • Black = ceiling features
  • Red = floor features
  • Blue = wall features
I just got around to making the dice yesterday.
I figure I'll leave them in among my DM stuff and from time to time, as dungeon dressing, I'll randomly grab 1 or 2 of them and I'll mix things up.

Thank you to Talysman for the great posts and the inspiration!


Talysman said...

Looks good! Looking at them, though, I think I probably should have added a symbol to the ceiling and floor images to show which edge is the ceiling... without that, you may have trouble remembering what feature each image is supposed to represent.

Of course, you could just roll a random die for a "room silhouette" and not worry about what the image "really" means, and it would work just as well.

Jim said...

@Talysman -- I might take a sharpie and draw a "floor" on each pic -- at least the sideways ones. I also might put a C, F or W on each face...

gregarious monk said...

Nice job with the dice! They look like a great addition to a DM toolbox.