Sunday, June 6, 2010

One-Roll Combat Table - Part 2

Please know that this table is untested.  It's just a wild idea that I had -- and that I had to get out of my head.  :)

Here's version 2.0

It occurred to me that as characters and monsters become more powerful, they might have additional "plusses" that may take them off the top of the table (results over 20).  

I figure that should give them the possibility to generate additional damage.

My thought is for every full five points above 20, the attack should generate two more points of damage.  That is reflected in the new chart above.

Of course a "natural 1" or any modified result lower than one is a miss and generates no damage.



Trey said...

Takes me back to the old Marvel Superheroes chart--which is a good thing.

Norman J. Harman Jr. said...

Oooohh perty colors!

I don't like that if it's hard to hit someone, if you manage a hit you only do lots of damage. Likewise if I only needed a 5 to hit some punk my damage is capped at 2-3. Needs one chart per AC!

More colors!

Jim said...

Aha! I knew there was a flaw! Thanks Norman! I'll give that some thought -- but the answer is probably B/X Blackrazor's method! :)