Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Commercial Message... Please Excuse this Interruption...

Hi all,

My sister used to work in the video game industry and for a time she worked for Artifact Entertainment.  They developed a game called "Horizons: Empire of Istaria"

Anyway, she later worked for Rainbow Studios, but was laid off last year about this time.  She's just recently getting back to work and she's had medical bills, etc.

I promised her (as her big brother) that I'd put the word out there -- just in case anyone was interested in these art prints she has for sale on eBay.  

These were done for the artists to use as inspirational character references for Horizons.

"The Power and the Protector"

"The Protector"

"The Power"

Even if you aren't interested in buying, they are some pretty cool pics of hawt fantasy chicks...  :)  Check them out!

I especially like the first one because of the apparent "magical gate" in the background.

Thank you for your indulgence.  We now return to our normally scheduled blogging...

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