Thursday, June 30, 2011

Dyson's Delve with Grandkids

It's summertime and I promised my grandson Matt that we'd get together and "have an adventure."  My job search intervened a week or two ago and the promised date slipped by.  A promise is a promise, so we rescheduled for Monday and we got together for a morning adventure.

Matt (10 yo), Maddie (his 7 yo sister) and Brian (their dad) came over for a Swords and Wizardry Whitebox day.

We've been playing Savage Worlds, so this was a bit of a departure.  I wanted to try something a little simpler with fewer dice (basically d20 and d6) so we gave it a go.

It took us about 45 minutes to roll up characters and get organized for the session.

  • Anonymous, an elven wizard (Matt)
  • Tiny, a dwarf fighter (Maddie)
  • Brago, a halfling cleric (Brian)
  • Hoss, a human fighter (Brian)

We started off with a nod toward the city we'll be adventuring from, Verbosh.  I explained that they were longtime friends and that they had decided to embark on an adventure.  They met up with a local veteran, Jad, who told them of "The Church of the Blue Stones."  The church is named that for obvious reasons.

Further discussion dug up rumors of a cave entrance below with known rat inhabitants and an entrance from inside the ruin.  Rumors of goblins in the ruin were also heard.

I'm using Dyson's Delve for the adventure under the Church of the Blue Stones.


The adventurers began in the cave entrance to Level 1.  Inside, they found a bunch of giant rats and a few giant ferrets.  They put flaming oil to good use and discovered that scaring wild animals off with fire is just as effective as fighting them all to the death.  They discovered some narrow, crawl-able tunnels but they opted for the stairs down.

They ended up in the cave part of Level 2.  They found some dead rats and a horde of live ones.  Again, well timed flaming oil caused the rats to rout into their holes leaving the adventurers alone.

Tiny, the dwarf, stumbled unwittingly down the hall and was surprised by the ghoul.  It's claws were turned aside by his chainmail and his axe and Hoss's spear made short work of the foul creature.  They found themselves quite rich after they took all of the ghoul's "bling".

They proceeded on and narrowly avoided a pit trap in room 12 and Anon found a magic ring on the fingerbones of one of the ghoul's unfortunate snacks.  The ring seems to create a protective field when it's command words are spoken in elvish.

The intrepid group continued down the stairs to Level 3.  Here's where things went bad.

Although Anon was poking at the ceiling to try and find traps, and he did in fact trip one large block out of the arched ceiling; he wasn't persistent enough to trip the second blog.  Poor Brago was crushed to death under the massive stone.

The collapsing stones caused the zombies from room 7 to move toward the adventurers and soon they found themselves badly damaged and outnumbered 5 to 3.  To make things worse, their cleric was squeezed to paste.


Up the stairs and out into the sunlight and back to Verbosh.  Whew.  That was close.

(More to come!)

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