Friday, August 27, 2010

Death, Dismemberment and Dangerous Damage Table

Long ago, I found this link over at Trollsmyth and then I discovered that Norman Harman had done some tweaking of his own here.

Of course, both of these tables are based on this one by Robert Fisher.

Well, on Wednesday night I unveiled Trollsmyth's table to my players and I proposed that we start using it in our CotMA game.  The players seemed to like the idea of making dying a little more interesting.  :)  I liked the riskiness and suspense of rolling when the character hits 0 HPs.

During our very first foray into its use, Xavier the Spiritual had his right let "bit clean off" by a giant beetle!  Exciting!

Last night, it occurred to me that there's more than one way to die, so I thought, "heck, I can add some columns to that table and contribute to the community!"

So, here it is, my Death, Dismemberment and Dangerous Damage table.  Please investigate the blogs above for a lot of great ideas on how to implement the table.  I owe a lot of inspiration to them.

I hope you enjoy this -- it's a new staple of my OSR games!  You can download it here!


bliss_infinte said...

Ooh, I like this table. I could've used it last session. I think I might work this in to our game.
Nice chart.

Jensan said...

Interesting! Will have to try this one out sometime.

Lloyd Neill said...

I’m writing a series of blog posts on Death & Dismemberment Tables and have put yours down on my Honour Roll